Pelco has been a source for invention from its inception. Pelco holds numerous patents, each one stemming from the need to provide a solution to a problem. These solutions become industry changers.



From our extensive manufacturing of metal to the assembly of production of our products, Pelco is dedicated to the success of the global manufacturing industry.


Our goal has always been to create a superior, quality, and innovative product for a fair price. Of all the components of Pelco’s success, the most important aspect is the service we provide. Pelco is known for its ability and willingness to create custom products for its customers. We ensure that our customers are getting the best quality products at the most cost-effective price.


split shift

2023 Pelco Expands to Production Split Shift

TraffiCalm logo

2022 Pelco Acquires TraffiCalm Systems

Novax Industries Corporation

2022 Pelco Acquires Novax Industries

Compact Base

2022 Pelco Introduces New Compact Base

2021 Pelco Acquired by River Associates

2021 Pelco Makes Signs In-House

2020 LED RetroFit Strategic Partnership

2020 Pelco Launches VersaPole

2019 Pelco Introduces AeroFlex Backplate

2019 Pelco Improves Astro-Brac Lines

2016 ISO

2016 Pelco Earns ISO:9001 Certification

2016 Pelco Acquires Engineered Castings (FL)


2015 Pelco Expands LED RetroFit Solutions

2015 Pelco Introduces the Astro-Brac Galaxy

2015 Pelco Introduces IntelliCross APS

Celebrating 30 years of Pelco

2015 Pelco Celebrates 30 Years


2014 Pelco Focuses on Solutions Globally

2013 Pelco Introduces CopperSafe Theft Prevention


2005 Pelco Structural is Incorporated Introducing Structural Pole Product Line

2004 Pelco Launches Roadway Lighting

2004 Pelco Launches Expanded Utility Product Line

1996 Pelco Introduces Ornamental Lighting Solutions

1996 building of Pelco

1996 Pelco Doubles Size of Facility

Welding facility

1992 Specialized Welding Facility Purchased

1990 building view of Pelco

1990 Pelco Increases Size by 50%

1987 Ground Breaking of Pelco

1987 Pelco Breaks Ground on Edmond, OK Facility

Pelco in 1985

1985 Pelco Founded by Phil and Steve Parduhn

Pelco in 1968

1968 Astro-Brac Invented by Phil Parduhn

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