Conduit Stand-Off bracket, w/ Adjustable Stand-Off & H-Bar, Alum

This bracket is for mounting 1″ through 6″ conduit and can adjust from a 4-1/2″ to 6″ stand-off. Available with various H-bar lengths which capture 1/2″ bolt heads. Mounts to the pole with 5/8″ thru-bolt or 1/2″ lag screw (not supplied).


H-Bar Length

Part Blank SP-6042-06-PNC SP-6042-09.5-PNC SP-6042-12-PNC SP-6042-18-PNC SP-6042-24-PNC SP-6042-36-PNC
Length None 6" 9-1/2" 12" 18" 24" 36"

NOTE: 1. All assemblies are supplied standard with galvanized fastners.

2. See page U1-9 for Preformed Conduit Straps.

3. See page U1-26 through U1-28 for banding products.

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