BK-8007 Universal 4-Section T or Inverted T Backplate, AeroFlex Dual Durometer PVC

The universal backplate will fit 13 1/2″ Peek, McCain and Mark IV signal, and 14″ Econolite, Eagle SA, and North American signals.


Sample part number:

BK-8007- Center to Center-Reflective Borders-Process No Color

Center to Center

Part Number 16 16.5 17
Description 16" CTC 16-1/2" CTC 17" CTC
Reflective Borders
Part Number Blank RT2 RT3
Description No Tape 2" Reflective Tape 3" Reflective Tape
  1. Backplates for all Signal Manufacturers may not be available.
  2. For backplate matrix see page T10-17 thru 21.
  3. Reflective tape meets ASTM D4956 Type XI 4081 reflective specification.

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