BK-8000 Universal Straight Backplate AeroFlex, Dual Durometer PVC

The universal backplate will fit 13 1/2″ Peek, McCain and Mark IV signal, and 14″ Econolite, Eagle SA, and North American signals. For Eagle SG signals see signal specific AeroFlex Backplates BK-8100.


Sample part number:

BK-8000-Signal Section-Reflective Borders-Process No Color

Signal Section

Part Number 1 2 3 4 5
Description 1 Sec 2 Sec 3 Sec 4 Sec 5 Sec
Reflective Borders

Part Number Blank RT2 RT3
Description No Tape 2" Reflective Tape 3" Reflective Tape
  1. For signal straight AeroFlex backplates see page T10-2
  2. For backplate matrix see page T10-17 thru 21.
  3. Reflective tape meets ASTM D4956 Type XI 4081 reflective specification.

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