AS-0675 Astro-Brac Atlas 5-Sec Cluster Articulating Assy, Stainless Band Mount

The Atlast articulating series of Astro-Brac can conceal one ¾” diameter or two ⅝” diameter conduits. The cluster assemblies are designed to mount 5-section heads onto any shape of mast arm or pole. The internal wiring capability and 3 axis of adjustability can handle even the toughest alignment problems, making this system truly universal. Available in stainless cable or band, and tenon mount.


Sample part number:

AS-0675 – Band Length – Coating

Band Length

Band Length 29" 42" 56" 72" 114"
Maximum Pole Dia 7.3" 11.5" 15.9" 21.0" 34.4"
Part Number PNC P_ _
Description Process No Color Paint *see chart


P29 = Federal Yellow
P30 = Automatic Green (dark)
P32 = Clear Coat
P33 = Gloss Black
P34 = Flat Black
P35 = Iron Gray
P36 = New York State Green (forest)
P39 = Bronze
P40 = Silver
P45 = Super Wet White
P59 = Textured Black
P63 = Mocha Brown
P71 = Dark Green
P75 = Fir Green
P76 = Forest Green

Pelco can match your custom colors.
Please provide the following and contact Pelco for pricing.
For custom powder: RAL number or paint chip.
For wet paint: Federal Standard 595 paint code or paint chip.
Special setup and paint charge will apply.


1. All assemblies are supplied standard with stainless steel.
2. See Reference Section for clamp kit pole diameter and tube length information.
3. See Reference Section for available paint colors.

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