AG-0705 Astro-Brac Galaxy 1-Way Hawk Assy, 17″ CTC Stainless Cable Mount

Designed to accommodate all traffic signals, with the exception of optically programmed. The Galaxy assembly is designed to mount a Hawk 3-section cluster configuration onto any size of mast arm or pole. The hinged clamping mechanism on the Galaxy provides for an easy convenient installation.


Sample part number:

AG-0705 – Cable Length – Coating

Cable Length

Cable Length 62" 84" 96" 120" 144" 220" 280"
Maximum Pole Dia 7.0" 10.5" 12.4" 16.2" 20.1" 32.2" 35.0"
Pole Dia w/ Ty-back 4.5" 7.6" 9.6" 13.4" 17.2" 29.3" 35.0"

PNC=Process No Color
P_ _=Paint


1. All assemblies are supplied standard with stainless steel cable, clamp screw, and fasteners.
2. See Reference Section for clamp kit pole diameter and tube length information.
3. See Reference Section for available paint colors.

Astro-Brac Hinged Galaxy
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Pelco Introduces the Astro-Brac Hinged Galaxy

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