It All Started with an Idea

Innovation. Quality. Service. Pelco.

Pelco’s founders, the Parduhn’s, have been involved in the traffic control business for over 50 years. With the invention and success of the Astro-Brac, created in 1968, the company has continued to show a history of innovation and holds many patents. Pelco opened for business in January of 1985 with six employees, all dedicated to manufacturing the most innovative and highest quality traffic hardware. Pelco has grown its product line to include utility hardware, decorative and roadway lighting.

Pelco Products, Inc. was co-founded by Phil Parduhn and his son, Steve. Three years later, Phil’s son, Jeff joined the company. Phil’s daughter, Diana, also maintains an active role in the company as well as Jeff's wife, Monica. 

Pelco has proven to be a pioneer in their industry and has become the standard for products that are superior in design, quality and cost effectiveness. “We sell service and it just happens that we manufacture products that allow us to sell our service.” – Steve Parduhn


Pelco Products principles image of Steve Parduhn, Phil Parduhn, and Jeff Parduhn

Steve Parduhn

Steve Parduhn of Pelco Products

Steve is the President/CEO and one of the founders of Pelco Products. Steve is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and a proud supporter of his alma mater. When Steve is not working, Steve enjoys spending time with his family and traveling. Email Steve>>

Brandon Parduhn

Brandon Parduhn of Pelco Structural

Brandon is the Outside Sales and Business Development for Pelco Structural, LLC. Pelco Structural is your alternative for made-to-order pole assemblies for the Traffic Control, Utility, Lighting and Communication Industries. When not at Pelco, Brandon enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.  Email Brandon>>

Jeff Parduhn

Jeff Parduhn of Pelco Products

Jeff is the Controller for Pelco Products and has been with the company since 1986. Jeff also serves on many boards, including the YMCA, Crossings Christian School, and the Edmond Chamber, to name a few. He enjoys running, reading and is a confessed coffee fanatic. Email Jeff>>

Monica Parduhn

Monica Parduhn of Pelco Products

Monica is the Pension Administrator for Pelco Products, and has worked with Pelco since 1998. Monica has a Bachelor of Science Accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma. Any "free" moments Monica has might be spent exercising or reading a good book. Her favorite author is Jane Austen. Email Monica>>

Phil Parduhn

Phil Parduhn of Pelco Products

Phil, now retired; is an engineer, inventor, and founder of Pelco Products. He is also a veteran and has earned many prestigious business and philanthropic awards. Phil currently serves on several company boards and is a member of many professional societies.

Diana Parduhn

Diana Parduhn of Pelco Products

Diana is in Accounts Payable and has been with Pelco Products since 1985. She has a Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University. In her spare time, Diana enjoys writing.  Her favorite quote is "He is no fool who gives that which he cannot keep, to gain that which he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot. Email Diana>>