Innovation, Quality, Service

Innovative Solutions:

Pelco has been a source for invention from its inception. Pelco holds numerous patents, each one stemming from the need to provide a solution to a problem. These solutions then become industry changers.

Engineered for efficiency and sustainability; Pelco’s Engineering Team consists of more than 400 years combined experience in the Traffic and Utility industries, housing seasoned engineers as well as those newer to the workforce, blending traditional and new ideas to make better products and provide solutions for our customers.

Quality Built Into Everything We Do:

Always at the forefront of technology in our industries, Pelco is constantly providing new products to help customers solve problems. Pelco’s manufacturing technology is world class, utilizing the latest in machining techniques. Employing its own integrated powder coating facility as well as wet-painting, Pelco is able to provide customized product finishes. The company also adopted the disciplines of Lean Manufacturing in which continuous improvements throughout the organization provide rapid customer response, shortened lead times and improved product quality.

From our extensive manufacturing of metal to the assembly and production of our products, we are dedicated to the success of the global manufacturing industry. This ensures our customers are getting the best quality products at the most cost-effective price. Value is built into every product we make.

Our Service Sets Us Apart:

Of all the components of Pelco’s success, the most important aspect is the service we are able to provide. Pelco is known for its ability and willingness to create custom products for its customers. Unlike other manufacturers, Pelco is happy to help design, engineer and manufacture a custom product for its clients.

"It doesn’t matter how good our products are if we cannot back it up with great customer service. It’s our customer service that gives our customers the ability to trust us, knowing we will take care of them in every part of the sales process – before, during and after." - Shelley Bailey, Customer Service Manager


Pelco employee manufacturing an Astro-Brac at the Edmond Pelco facility


”We sell service and it just happens
that we manufacture products
that allow us to sell that service.”

-Steve Parduhn