Junction Box

Provides an Economical Advantage Over Traditional Capacitor Bank Installations.

What typically requires 16-20 man hours of installation time, a bucket truck, two linemen, supervisor and supervisor's truck can now be
completed in two hours, without the need of guesswork.  Pelco's Junction Boxes are delivered factory assembled, prewired and ready for
immediate installation.  Our fail-safe "plug and play" design allows for a simplified, safe and worry-free installation.

Designed for utility use, all Junction Box assemblies are weather-resistant and have obtained the NEMA-4X rating, providing an extreme
level of protection against the ingress of water to the terminal bank, and an additional level of protection against corrosion to the exterior.
Unlike other capacitor junction boxes containing plastic connectors, Pelco's designs are equipped with 
durable steel-coated
Mil-Spec/Amphenol connectors 
that are built to last.

Basic Design
Pre-Wired Junction Box Assembly without 
Sensor Cable or Meter Base and Cable 

Basic Plus Design
Junction Box Assembly, Pre-Wired with Time,
Temperature, Voltage Control with Sensor
and (3) Oil Switch Cables

Full Feature Design

Junction Box Assembly, Pre-Wired with Volt-
Ampere ReactivePower (VAR), Current, Time,
Temperature, Voltage Control with Sensor Cable,
Meter Base Options and (3) Oil Switch Cables.

• Simplified Installation
• Factory Assembled and Prewired
• Fail-Safe Plug and Play Design
• Reduced Labor Costs and Time
• Wiring Schematic Included for Ease of Installation
• Oil/Vacuum 5 Pin Standard
• Control Agnostic

Quality Construction 
• Durable, High-Strength Designs
• Waterproof, Weather-Resistant & Ultra-Violet Protection
• Multi-Pin Mil-Spec Amphenol Connector comes Keyed, Sited & Wired
• Custom Configurations Available upon Request
• 100% Factory Testing and Inspection
• 1 Year Warranty

Download the Junction Box & Wiring Harness for Capacitor Bank Distribution Brochure (PDF)